Story number 1 for 13 Apr 2001

By April 13, 2001

(India)–Our newscast begins in India, where, apart from four billion dollars of physical damages, the Gujarat earthquake in January shattered confidence and devastated families on a scale seldom witnessed. That’s where the work of Ramabai Mukti Mission meets a gaping need. Mukti’s David Scott. “There, of course, are a lot of orphans left from the earthquake and we’re hoping to set up two orphanages; one in our main compound, the other one is in Gujarat. We’re hoping to a home for them. We have a cooperative agreement with another Christian organization and they have some land. The only thing we’re lacking is permission from the government.” Scott says they’re meeting with Gujarat officials April 16th to further discuss plans for the orphanage. He asks people to pray. “We need prayer that not only us, but other Christian organizations would be able to provide vital long-term care, where things are done. So, prayer that that would happen, prayer that the persecution would continue to subside and that there would be freedom for the Gospel.”

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