Story number 1 for 13 Jun 2000

By June 13, 2000

We begin today’s newscast looking at the Korean Summit. What is significant about these meetings is that they’ll mark the first time rival Korean leaders have met since the Korean War. The peace process could be a long and thorny, but the food shortages in North Korea are immediate. International Aid has been on the ground for five years. Ambassador-at-large Ralph Plumb. “It’s a very difficult country to work in, but we’ve been able to get about 15-million dollars of food and medicine into the people that need it. The situation in North Korea is critical. It starts with poor economic policies of the Stalinist government, exacerbated by three or four years of flooding and natural disaster.” Plumb adds that in spite of the North’s troubles, evangelism is taking place. “There are official government estimates of how many Christian there are…but, we know from our cross-border work that there are many, many gatherings of individuals that fellowship and worship. It’s a very tough place to have any verified sense of what is happening with the church.”

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