Story number 1 for 13 Mar 2001

By March 13, 2001

(Philippines)–Our newscast begins today in the Philippines, where their president has declared a one-month cease-fire against communist rebels. The temporary truce involves 11 provinces considered the hotbed of Marxist-led insurgency. The government and the rebels will resume peace talks on April 27th. Global Advance’s David Shibley notes that timing is everything. “We believe that during this time of cease-fire and peace, we can go in as representatives of the prince of peace and really make inroads for the Gospel. It’s a time to help Christians in that nation deal with some of the internal strife in their country, and also rise to the occasion of leadership.” Shibley says their work in the Philippines will be faced with trials, adding they need prayer. “I believe that one of the primary challenges of missions throughout this decade is going to be the potential of terrorism. We have faced it already this year, the potential, but because of the prayers of God’s people, we’ve been gratefully spared from any direct confrontation.” The Frontline Shepherd’s Conference is slated for next month in the Philippines.

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