Story number 1 for 13 Nov 2001

By November 13, 2001

(USA)–We begin today in the United States as another plane crash has struck the New York City area and is pushing ministry workers to their limits. Jim Esposito with New York’s Operation Blessing International has been helping the victims of the World Trade Center attack. He says many people are questioning even more now. “It’s that question, ‘what is going on in the world? Why is this happening to us?’ and I can only imagine that this is going to give people a searching for the Lord again and continue this move toward Him. As people live in uncertain times there’s no other choice but to turn to God.” Esposito says prayer is needed as many ministry workers are facing exhaustion. “You can see the weary look on each face and I can only imagine that the ministries that we’re working with, we’ve been doing a lot of overtime lately, so we need strength and we need encouragement and we need the blessing of the Lord to keep us going.”

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