Story number 1 for 13 Sep 2001

By September 13, 2001

(USA)–The horror isn’t over as rescue workers continue to look for survivors in the wake of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. International Aid, a Christian humanitarian relief agency, is stepping up efforts to assist those in need. I-A’s President and CEO Myles Fish says they’ve sent a team to help. “They are presently setting up a station where we can work from and we are now attempting to recruit medical professionals that can begin to help relief efforts there. As that gets under way we’re also going to be recruiting some work crews to do some of the clean up. That won’t start right away. We’re also sending in some medical supplies.” According to Fish, this is all done for one reason. “We’re doing that in the name of Christ. We’re doing it for the purpose of sharing our faith with people. We will be attempted to do all of all of our ministry provision through local churches there in the New York area. And, we’ll have to leave the results to the Lord, but that certainly is our intent.”

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