Story number 1 for 14 Feb 2000

By February 14, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in Ethiopia where, for the second time in the last two decades, famine is rearing it’s ugly head. Food For the Hungry’s Matt Panos says because of extreme drought and a poor harvest in the region millions are hungry in that country. “People that need immediate food assistance is about 7.7 million and then people who are on the edge – needing food just to exist is another 2.5 million. So, that puts us over 10-million including those with potential risk, so there’s an immediate need.” Panos says because Food for the Hungry is a Christian humanitarian group, they’re helping the physical and spiritual hungers of the Ethiopian people. “We’re trying to take care of right now, in a partnering situation, people who have no food right now. And, we want to give food to them. We feed the two hungers and in many cases you have to feed the first hunger through the belly in order to have any opportunity to feed the second.”

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