Story number 1 for 14 Jan 2003

By January 14, 2003

(Middle East)–We begin today in the Middle East where the turmoil in the Gaza Strip continues to fuel war-like intentions. The hostilities have created openness in the people for the truth of the Gospel. In response, Evangecube International’s Tom Doyle is leading a team to the area to support, encourage and minister to the people trapped in the crossfire. “We have to create a friendship, whether it’s with Jewish people, or with Arabs, and then as we meet the needs, whatever it might be, then we start to introduce to them that we are Christians. They usually are curious, and that’s a great way to go straight into the Evangecube, which is that visual presentation of the Gospel.” Doyle explains the other purpose for their visit. “As everybody knows, we’re ready to enter a pretty difficult period. It looks like war is on the horizon. We hope to go strengthen the church, bring a lot of resources, bless them, pray for them-just be there for them to brace themselves.”

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