Story number 1 for 14 Mar 2001

By March 14, 2001

(Burundi)–We begin today’s news in forgotten Burundi, where 200-thousand people have been killed in civil war. The war broke out in 1993 after Tutsi rebels assassinated the country’s democratically elected president, who was a Hutu. Emmanuel Kopwe is with African Enterprise working with reconciliation programs in Burundi. “The whole country is in an unrest. Right now there is fighting in the suburbs of the capital city of Bujumbura and there has been a lot of people who have died, and many more displaced. Burundi has refugees within the country and outside the country.” While evangelism continues, Kopwe says there is one big problem. “The only problem is that when the rebels are active it becomes dangerous to actually travel to certain areas of the country. And, therefor you can’t actually do evangelistic work with a lot of confidence and security.” Funding is needed to aid their reconciliation programs, which point people to Christ.

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