Story number 1 for 15 Aug 2002

By August 15, 2002

(Southern Africa) — We begin today in Southern Africa where the threat of famine is turning into more of a reality. World Concern‘s Kelly Miller just returned from a fact finding trip where he says up 15 million of people could be going hungry within two or three months. He says there are signs. “If they have a small goat, or some chickens, or a small cow, do they need to sell those to have some money to buy some food? People have gone through all those coping mechanisms and they’re down to a meal or less per day today. They’re eating grass. They’re foraging for wild bananas. So, it’s a critical, critical time.” They’re raising money to provide food until March, the next growing season. Miller says they’re working with the local church is this effort. “We realize both the physical and spiritual go hand in hand, that is the sharing of the Gospel. There’s many villages that have no church present whatsoever, so the hope is that the relationship can be built for the church and that’s what opens communities hearts to the Gospel.”

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