Story number 1 for 15 Dec 2000

By December 15, 2000

We begin today’s newscast looking at the southeastern coast of China. Known for its flourishing religious life, the Chinese government is reportedly demolishing hundreds of churches in the area, in an effort to bring unregistered groups under control. The region was also where Chairman Mao unleashed his fiercest attacks against Christianity. Voice of the Martyr’s Todd Nettleton. “I think the bottom line is that the Chinese government and the Communist Party wants to control the people of China. They want the people’s first loyalty to be to the Party, and Christians’ first loyalty is to Christ and to His kingdom. So, that’s obviously a threat to the Communist Party and to the Chinese government.” Nettleton asks people to pray for Christians in China. “We can pray that through these difficult times, more people will come to know Christ. It’s easy to think that maybe they [Christians] should suspend their meetings, but the reality is that they need wisdom and courage to make those decisions there, and I think we can pray that this will open new doors.”

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