Story number 1 for 15 Oct 2001

By October 15, 2001

(Nigeria)–Nigeria tops the news today. In the wake of September’s deadly sectarian riots in Plateau State, government officials are cracking down on all groups. Efforts to maintain a tenuous peace between Christians and Muslims have caused authorities to ban all political, cultural and religious meetings until further notice. Open Doors‘ Karen Yates says although there are safety concerns, their workers are staying put. “We are in those areas trying to keep Christ in areas where persecution exists. If the church leaves, then Christ is no longer there. We are not looking to evacuate, we’re not looking to change our work. If anything, we are looking to reach out more.” At least 500 people died in the fighting, and scores more were left homeless. Although in an uneasy peacetime now, Yates says: “We still need to be praying for the people there, for the Christians there, and for the Muslims there as well, that God would work through these tensions and that His peace would reign over that area.”

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