Story number 1 for 15 Oct 2002

By October 15, 2002

(Indonesia)–Our newscast begins today in Indonesia, where terrorists linked to the Al-Qaida are being blamed for a deadly bomb attack over the weekend. Some think that activity may increase in the days ahead, according to Terry Madison, president of Open Doors USA. “Just imagine what it’s like for the believers in Indonesia trying to take care of those who have been set upon by the Jihad warriors; again, I think, part of this same Al-Qaida and other guerilla force activity. This again is part of this whole ferment of both political and religious hatred.” Madison says their workers are much more cautious now. “The believers in Pakistan, in Indonesia now, [and] other places of the world, are increasingly on edge, realizing that there are forces at work that would seek to further, if not hamper and hinder their worship of the Lord, would actually seek to do bodily harm to them.”

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