Story number 1 for 16 Dec 2002

By December 16, 2002

(Indonesia)–Topping the news, after a number of terror attacks and more credible security threats, authorities in Indonesia are on heightened alert. Police have arrested at least three suspects that have ties to al-Qaida, and whom sources say, also had plans to blow up a church over Christmas. It is not known yet if these bombings are tied to the Bali blasts. Darla Trout with Teen Missions was in the country when the Bali hotel was bombed and says Americans need to be especially careful. “I was pulled out because of my being an American and we weren’t sure about my safety while I was there. With the bomb in Bali and different things that were going on there, with the threat of al-Qaida and the possibility of war with Iraq, I was pulled out earlier than expected.” Teen Missions has five Bible Missionary Schools they operate in the country and are hoping the Christian nationals are equipped to continue their work. “At this time we have no intentions to close any of those schools or to slow down the work at all.” The four schools operating in Indonesia currently have 93 students. A group was graduated in October; stay tuned later this week for that update.

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