Story number 1 for 16 May 2002

By May 16, 2002

(China)–Our newscast begins today in China, where we continue to get word of persecution that follows Christians. However, there is good news about the church as well. China Partner is a key agency connected with the development of a Bible school in Jiangxi Province. In fact, China Partner just attended the ground-breaking ceremonies this week. Erik Burklin says the event is encouraging for China’s future. “Our impression on this current trip in China has been this: as long as Christians stay within the existing guidelines set by the government, there is no fear for them to openly confess and live out their faith for Jesus Christ.” Burklin says the school is the fruition of 75 years of outreach to the area. He asks believers to pray. “The new Bible School is slated to open by next year sometime. I believe the most important prayer needs to be for the future theological training development. China is now getting more and more open; there are more and more Bible schools and Training centers opening all over.”

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