Story number 1 for 16 May 2003

By May 16, 2003

(North Korea)–Topping the news, the international community continues urging North Korea not to escalate tensions. While hostile governments trade barbs, at the same time, Trans World Radio’s International Director, David Tucker says there is change coming for believers. “Some of those people were quite determined to go back into North Korea and take with them Bibles and radios so the people could listen more effectively. Now that is a huge thing for us to do; that is far more intrusive than we have done in the past. In other words, we’re putting people at great risk.” Tucker says their work helps people see community benefit; he urges the churches to be ready. “We realize that we can enter into networks that were put there by the government; Languages that were rationalized by those regimes. It makes the Gospel far more accessible into those people when the Lord opens the door. If the Lord opens the door in this way, I think there will be a rush.”

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