Story number 1 for 18 Dec 2002

By December 18, 2002

(Venezuela)–Topping the news, violent clashes over reported governmental corruption have not prevented the Gospel from spreading in Venezuela. As the economic and political situation continues to spiral out of control, Omar Rodriguez of the Evangelical Free Church Mission says people are finding stability in the truth. “The church has an unprecedented opportunity right now to share the Gospel that many people will find their hope and their faith for the future, not just of Venezuela, but of their families and themselves and Jesus Christ. As the Christmas season approaches, there’s just unlimited potential right now to share the Gospel.” Rodriguez says as the turmoil strikes at the people, it has presented a captive audience for teens eager to share their faith. “In our particular church, the youth are going to the different gas stations where there’s long lines and they’re distributing bottled water, and then tracts to people, and sharing the Gospel.” Pray for the believers’ safety during the unrest that plagues the country.

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