Story number 1 for 18 Jun 2003

By June 18, 2003

(India)–Our newscast today begins in India. The Gujarat High Court meets this week for a hearing on an injunction filed by the All India Christian Council challenging the anti-conversion bill. The legislation raises grave concerns for mission groups. Dayspring International’s John Gilman says at this time, the lowest caste, the Dalits, continue responding to evangelistic efforts. That could be threatened under this law. “The government needs to honor their constitution and give the people the privileges they are granted there. The church is now able to lead the way in the outcry for this freedom for the Dalits.” Gilman says due to the widely publicized Hindu renunciation last year, the Dalits seek another faith to fill the void. In spite of anti-conversion laws, that is good news for ministries. “We’ve never had a better time in the history of the ministry. Our film teams, our mobile film teams, are showing our all-Indian acted life of Christ motion picture in 16-hundred villages each month. “

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