Story number 1 for 19 Jul 2002

By July 19, 2002

(Sudan)–We begin today with a disturbing report out of Sudan. Maria Sliwa (slee-wah) with Freedom Now World News just returned from Sudan and says she interviewed a number of redeemed slaves and found something very distressing. “Some Sudanese boys were being sold into sexual slavery. Some of the ones I talked to said they were eye witnesses to this. And, then I started interviewing just exclusively adolescent male slaves and found out this was definitely taking place. A number of the boys admitted they were victims.” Voice of the Martyrs’ Gary Lane says this IS happening and Christians need to help these boys. “We think the church that the church needs to step up to the plate, not only in America in supporting the Sudanese church, but helping the church in Sudan reach out to these young people and minister to them, because once they’re released they are scared for life and they need counseling, they need help.” 25-dollars a month can help support pastors in this outreach.

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