Story number 1 for 19 Jun 2001

By June 19, 2001

(Macedonia)–Topping the news, as Macedonia peace talks drag on, attempts to avert a civil war are being met with hardened Albanian resolve. SEND International’s Andy Spradley is watching the situation with intent, although he says the outcome will likely not stop his work with indigenous believers. “I think the first question that we had was ‘were we going to be able to continue safely working in Macedonia?’, and it really looks like things are going to settle down somewhat and remain stable enough to continue working, so we’re thankful for that. We work with both ethnic groups, but it tends to be hard to mix the two groups together because of the animosity, and I think that factor will increase with what’s been going on in the last month or so.” Spradley says whatever the outcome, the situation is tense. “Certainly, pray for peace, and pray that through our ministry, some of the Albanians and the Macedonians that are coming to Christ will begin to love each other across the ethnic lines and I think that could be a strong testimony if that sort of thing starts happening.”

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