Story number 1 for 19 Oct 2001

By October 19, 2001

(Undated)–Headlining today’s news, despite the terror attacks in the United States and war in other countries, evangelism should move forward. That’s the world from the President of the International Mission Board, Doctor Jerry Rankin. “The last thing we should do is succumb to fear, because our confidence is in the Lord. Basically people are asking why? How could this happen? The question to us comes back to our failure to fulfill the Great Commission, and I think this should just be a wake up call to redouble our missionary efforts to get the Gospel to them.” Rankin says as they work in countries closed to the Gospel, especially Muslim countries, they’re receiving positive reports. “Many of the friends and neighbors that our personnel are relating to have expressed sympathy, love for our missionaries and it just gives an opportunity to share the hope and security that we have, which obviously they do not have.”

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