Story number 1 for 2 Dec 2002

By December 2, 2002

(India) — We begin today in India, where thousands of Dalits are expected to gather December 6th to reject Hinduism. This event is expected to be duplicated all over the country in the months ahead. International Needs Network‘s Ricky Gnanakan (yahna-kahn) says the Dalits represent the best opportunity to share the Gospel. “(That’s) because, the Dalits are looking for release. They’re looking to, sort of, come out of this caste structure, where they would have liberty and freedom to really grow, and they see that possibility in Christianity.” However, Gnanakan says their rejection of Hinduism is angering many radical Hindus, presenting roadblocks for the Gospel. “Previously there was no problem for us to go in and visit people in the villages and say ‘we would like to pray with you.’ But, now, with all of the fundamentalist organizations on the rise, it’s becoming more and more difficult for us to openly preach the Gospel.”

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