Story number 1 for 20 Jul 2001

By July 20, 2001

(China)–We begin today’s newscast in China as that country’s president is calling for a new world order to counter the dominance of the United States. The question is whether or not this will have an impact on American Christians getting into China. Missionary Bob Stanton says no. “With the business and the teaching that are in demand right now this is the most creative way to get into a closed nation like this. Any type of businessman can go in and start up small businesses, or again, if somebody’s a teacher you automatically are brought in as an English teacher.” Stanton, who’s staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, says that Christians do need to be careful in how they share they’re faith. “Not to be overly zealous in their portrayal of who we are, but to let the light shine. As foreigners we would simply be expelled from the country, but the people that we work with would have to stay there and other things could go on with them.”

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