Story number 1 for 20 Jun 2003

By June 20, 2003

(Iran)–We begin today in Iran where reports indicate a majority of Iranians want a regime change. Demonstrations by Iranians demanding free democratic elections have lingered all week. Lee DeYoung is with Words of Hope, which is transmitting Christian programming into Iran. He says this could have positive implications on ministry. “Because the regime is so closely linked to Islam itself the negative perceptions of the regime are translating into disenchantment with Islam. That means that there is probably unprecedented interest in spiritual things and especially Christianity.” As the spread of Islam has been driven by the inspiration of the Iranian revolution 20 years ago, DeYoung says its demise could have widespread implications. “If that revolution is undone or discredited by the popular will of the people of Iran itself, the repercussions psychologically throughout the Islamic world will be enormous.”

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