Story number 1 for 20 Mar 2003

By March 20, 2003

(Jordan)–Our newscast begins today in the Middle East where “Operation Iraqi Freedom” is under way. As war begins in Iraq, humanitarian agencies are preparing for the human cost of conflict. International Aid’s Myles Fish anticipates a flood of people in the Jordan refugee camp. “We’re poised and we’re ready to respond, if and when either the border opens up and we can get into Iraq, or if refugees start coming into Jordan, that we can minister to.” In the scramble ahead of war, people are finding leaving Iraq is a slow process. With so many trapped, Fish now expects they’ll be helping third country nationals. “They are actually employees in most cases, in the oil fields who are either from Egypt or the Sudan and if the war takes the worst case scenario it is predicted that as many as 300-thousand of these third country nationals will need to be leaving Iraq and trying to return to their home by traveling through the country of Jordan.” Fish says this crisis presents an alternate ministry opportunity for sharing the love of Christ.

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