Story number 1 for 2003-08-19

By August 19, 2003

(India)–We begin today in Sri Lanka where there’s a proposed anti-conversion bill. A recent court ruling undermines the strength of the country’s constitutional provision for freedom of religion. Similar bills in India created tensions between Christians and radical Hindus, leading up to an increase in persecution. However, BCM International’s Afro-Asian Director, Doctor Vararuchi Dalavai (VAR-ra-ROO-chee DAHL-uh-vye) says this is won’t change much. “Persecution is a common thing in this part of the world, especially in Asia. So, we don’t definitely highlight it unless it’s [the reports are] asked for, because we are born in persecution, we are ministering in persecution, and the day will come we will go as martyrs in the persecution. So, we don’t highlight it.” BCM’s President, Doctor Bob Evans says their recent missionary conference served to encourage the evangelists. “It’s a combination of training–training our pastors in how to do more effective ministry, but also talking about the real mission of the church in this century.”

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