Story number 1 for 21 Jan 2002

By January 21, 2002

(Congo)–Our newscast begins today in the Democratic Republic of Congo where a volcanic eruption has overrun the city of Goma. Fires burned out of control after lava divided the city in half. Grace Ministries International has a warehouse in the area that just got a new shipment of Bibles. GMI’s Sam Vinton says the fate of the building and their work is unknown. “That will disrupt the work in our churches in the sense that the Scriptures are not available. We have not had Bibles, especially in the Congo, Swahili Bibles…this is just a new edition. The Old Testament has just been completed and this will be the first shipment of the Old Testament arriving into Congo.” Vinton asks people to pray. “It’s amazing how these situations make it possible of the Gospel sometimes to flourish, and people turn to God. I think we should pray that the Lord will empower those who give out the word of God, that they do it in such a way that it will be a meaningful answer to these people and to their need of the Gospel.”

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