Story number 1 for 21 Jul 2000

By July 21, 2000

Yemen tops today’s newscast. The country adheres to strict Islamic law, which requires the death penalty for apostasy. 27-year old Mohammed Haji’s story has drawn considerable international attention since he was given one week to recant his conversion to Christianity, or face execution. Open Doors’ Terry Madison has been intimately involved in the case. “He’s still under detention, but somewhat relieved of the execution sentence given. At this point, we believe that he’s going to be deported, with his wife, and seven-month old son…all of which is wonderful news. I thank so many Christians who became aware of this around the world and began to pray.” Madison says there is still much to pray for, and many things need to fall into place. “The United Nations’ refugee department is working to find another country, a more hospitable country, a country that has some Christian tradition in Africa.”

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