Story number 1 for 21 Mar 2001

By March 21, 2001

(Georgia)–Topping the news, there’s been another report of attack on a church in the Republic of Georgia. Local Christians say this is the latest in a series of assaults on minority religious groups. World Concern’s Dr. Jay Lykins confirms the believers are in an oppressive atmosphere. He explains a few of factors that might be affecting the situation. “Georgia does have laws, right now, on the books that allow for freedom of choice of religion. But you’re also getting a lot of sects that are coming in that we might perhaps wish they weren’t. And so, some of the persecution is taking place there. But you also have a very young, and a very divided and immature church as well.” Lykins says some of the challenges they face in their work involve getting believers to work together. He says they need people to: “Pray for wisdom in the leadership in the country of Georgia, that wise and just decisions would be made concerning the things that have to be done and the treatment of people. Pray for justice as well as praying for mercy.”

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