Story number 1 for 21 May 2003

By May 21, 2003

(Ivory Coast)–Topping the news, renewed fighting in the western part of the Ivory Coast is widely viewed as a setback for the peace process. A strict curfew in Bouake has been re-imposed in light of the deadly outbursts earlier this month. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Dr. Paul Jackson explains they’ve had to make some tough decisions regarding the International Christian Academy. “They were hoping to be able to reopen this fall. They officially put that off until the fall of 2004. That’s the present date that they’re targeting to reopen the school.” A top-level government delegation heads into talks tomorrow. Jackson says only prayer will change the situation. “The decision to delay the opening until next fall is primarily due to the military unrest. There is some concentration up north, around Bouake, so that’s a major thing, that God would just bring that resolution that will allow this to be a safe place for missionaries to send their kids.”

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