Story number 1 for 22 Apr 2002

By April 22, 2002

(Nepal)–Nepal tops the news today. The country is on alert for a wave of rebel attacks ahead of a nationwide shutdown called by Maoist guerrillas this week. Village chiefs in western Nepal have reported a build-up of guerrillas and fear an attack. As a result, thousands are fleeing to safety. International Needs Network’s Dave Culross says this is having an impact on their work. “Because of the instability and the military actions in the provinces, many of these people are fleeing to the cities. Because they’ve left their homes, they’ve left their farms, they are virtually destitute.” Churches were unprepared to meet the sudden swell of needs. However, aside from prayer, Culross says there is something that can be done right now. “We know that there are numerous children that need to be cared for-sponsorships provided. A sponsorship with an International Needs Network child provides more than just schooling, it provides religious training and the opportunity for them to accept Jesus as their Savior. This is our ultimate goal.”

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