Story number 1 for 22 Nov 2000

By November 22, 2000

Our newscast begins today in the Middle East where Egypt has recalled its ambassador from Israel. The move reportedly deals the biggest diplomatic blow to the Jewish state since a Palestinian uprising began eight weeks ago. The move does not bode well for future peace talks, and the flashpoint comes as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan approaches. Christians for Israel’s David Sudlow. “It is not a very nice development, that’s for sure. But now, things are so heated up. I just heard that the other Islamic countries are all applauding Egypt’s stand on this; so, when the rubber really hits the road, all the Muslim nations are going to march with the Palestinians.” Sudlow says as the tensions increase, so does the need for prayer. “Islam is really having a resurgence, and anybody who’s trying to deal with it politically and forgets that component is really missing the point. As Christians, we must pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but the full and lasting peace won’t come until the prince of peace returns.”

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