Story number 1 for 23 Apr 2002

By April 23, 2002

(Congo)–Congo’s peace talks top our news today. The future for an accord looks doubtful, as both the government and the rebel groups failed to resolve their differences Saturday. CB International’s Glenn Kendall says based on past dealings, he’s a bit pessimistic about the outcome. “I’m frankly skeptical about peace coming just because it has been so long. There’s a lot of reasons why a lot of people would be interested in being in the area. People tend to be very concerned about who comes to power, and if it’s not from their ethnic group, or from people that they know, they get really nervous about that.” Kendall adds that the breakdown in peace throughout the Congo has been problematic for their ministry. “In many places, it’s not safe for missionaries to be…and pray for peace, but more than peace, pray that God would use these difficult events to bring more people to Himself; and the people who do trust in Him, that their trust and confidence in God would remain true and steadfast.”

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