Story number 1 for 23 Jan 2002

By January 23, 2002

(Congo)–We begin today in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as food distribution is just getting underway in the wake of a volcanic eruption late last week. World Vision’s Ellen Kupp (coop) is working in Goma, a city hit hard by the devastation. “The lava flow has come and cut off the east and the west in Goma. The center of the town has been wiped out, which includes the business district. Our staff walked across the lava flow and were able to get some vehicles on the other side and got out to the distribution point.” Kupp says churches are able to share their faith and that’s why they’re a part of the distribution effort. “We go to church leaders and local leaders as the people who help us organize and help the people who need the help the most. We depend on our church leaders. They have such a joy and such faith, it’s really a blessing to see.” 20-thousand people received food and water, but that doesn’t begin to tackle the need. Call our resource line to find out how to help. (Resource line: 800-995-4828)

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