Story number 1 for 23 Jun 2003

By June 23, 2003

(Undated) — Summer, headlines today’s news and summertime means vacations for people not only in the United States, but especially people in limited access countries. Operation Mobilization‘s Henry Janowski. “t this particular time of the year, you have a lot of people around the world taking vacation and that’s also true with people that are from or going to these limited access countries. There (are) ministries, including ours, that are partnering together to maybe provide literature, or the Jesus Film, or things that would help them have a greater understanding of who Jesus is.” Janowski says world history has actually made outreach easier. “Some of the current events have brought a change within many people in limited access countries. They’re seeking and wanting to know about this God who loves and forgives. Many of them come from religious backgrounds for which those concepts are non-existing or not understood.” Christians are urged to pray earnestly for these outreaches.

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