Story number 1 for 23 Nov 2000

By November 23, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in the Middle East where Egypt and Jordan recalled their ambassadors, leaving Israel without an Arab representative. That unrest isn’t stopping 40 pastors from eight Middle Eastern countries from applying what they learned at a Church Growth Conference with Evangelist Sammy Tippit. This pastor says there’s a price to pay for fear. “Churches are becoming smaller and smaller. And, usually in our churches we try to keep people in the church. We don’t have any vision to go out. And, I think the church that is not going out to the other people, it will become smaller and smaller.” Tippit encouraged these pastors to catch the vision of evangelism. This pastor says he’s caught it and will begin outreach with prayer first. “I’m sure it will be more effective than (to) just go there and speak. I’m planning to sit and pray and maybe look for some pastors (who) I feel may be hungry or that they need it.” Allowing him to share his vision with them.

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