Story number 1 for 24 Feb 2003

By February 24, 2003

(Iraq)–Topping the news, pressure is increasing on Iraq on the issue of weapons of mass destruction. Forces, meanwhile, are gathering strength in the Persian Gulf in the event of war. Bible Pathway Ministries has work in the conflict zone. We spoke with ‘Jad’, who, despite the threat, remains optimistic. “I do not think it will setback [ministry]. I believe the door may be more open inside of Iraq. It’s people tired, hungry people in darkness, and they are searching to find the switch to turn the light on.” ‘Jad’ says response to the Bible Pathway has been encouraging from the area, adding that’s really not such a surprise. “The Iraqis, themselves, they do not accept what is going on inside of Iraq. But there’s still those people looking for the freedom, and they know this is the beginning of our ministry, after which, they have the freedom.”

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