Story number 1 for 24 Jan 2001

By January 24, 2001

(Congo)–We begin today in the Democratic Republic of Congo where President Laurent Kabila was laid to rest after being shot by his body guard last week. The shooting has raised anti-American sentiment in this central African country. However, Christian Blind Mission International’s David Law, who lives there, isn’t hearing it. “People around the fringes are saying that and that is being blown out, but the people who are in control are not blaming the West. And, as long as they don’t I think that will carry the day. If they begin to voice feelings that the west or someone had a hand in this, then the whole climate could change.” According to Law, the uncertainty is giving CBMI an opportunity to share the Gospel. “People are very much sensitive to the spiritual dimension of this whole thing. The spiritual life of the country is more alive in terms of activities, in terms of growth than it has been in some time.”

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