Story number 1 for 24 Jul 2003

By July 24, 2003

(Liberia)–We begin today’s news in Liberia, where mortars hit Monrovia, shattering a rebel truce. As the death toll rises, the U-S pledged support for a peacekeeping operation in Liberia. Although the politics sound good, the people are afraid. That often points them to the peace of Christ. SIM’s Dr. Howard Brandt. “People, of course, are pleading with us to be on the air. Our problem, right now, is generator fuel. We can’t get any generator fuel and so, we’ve been broadcasting until the last drop of the generator fuel is finished, and then, of course, we’ll be off the air.” Brandt says because of their ministry, in crisis, people lean heavily on their staff. At this point, several hundred refugees have sought shelter at Radio Station ELWA in Monrovia. Please pray. “We really need to pray for peace, of course, for the country. But, I think we need to really pray for the Christians in the country, too. I don’t think many of us have any idea that there are as many as there are and how they’ve been suffering. There are a lot of issues here. I think that we’re praying that God will purify His church through all the suffering that is there.”

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