Story number 1 for 25 Dec 2001

By December 25, 2001

(Indonesia)–Our newscast begins today in Indonesia, where threats of bloody Christmas hang over the island nation’s Christians. The Association of Christian Schools International says there is an uneasy calm, but they haven’t changed their plans. ACSI’s Dave Wilcox says, in fact, the call for their help remains strong. “We can continue to work with them because they want professional development, they want teacher conferences. We have to communicate with them carefully, and not put in advertisements that there’s going to be a Christian teachers’ convention, or any kind of public notice. The way that we have modified our activity in Indonesia, is just to be more careful, more quiet, and work directly with the schools.” Wilcox says the risk of violence against other believers at this time is also heightened. “Pray for our fellow believers around the world, who are the minority, and are often times right at the front line of conflict of faith. Pray that they might be effective ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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