Story number 1 for 25 Jul 2001

By July 25, 2001

(Macedonia)–Headline today’s news, Western diplomats struggled to save peace talks in Macedonia as ethnic Albanian rebels battle government forces in the worst fighting in months. The fighting has had an impact on ministry, so says Andy Spradley with Send International. ” We use people coming over from the States, Christians, to help us. We do a lot of conversational English classes and we’ll do some sports outreach classes. This year we had targeted two different areas in which to do those outreach events. And, the outreaches were scheduled right around the time where all the trouble started in that area. And so, all of the outreaches in that area were canceled.” Sprandley says people need to pray…”For peace to reign here and the problems to be worked out without a war. And then, just wisdom for us. We still intend to move our family into this area. This will be the first time for our team working extensively with the Muslim population.”

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