Story number 1 for 26 Apr 2001

By April 26, 2001

(Nigeria)–Topping the news, Nigeria’s President Olusegun Obasanjo is besieged by the country’s economy. He’s working to fight inflation, unemployment, and a dropping currency. The poverty makes it especially hard for church leaders to get resources. In response, the World Bible Translation Center will distribute half a million Easy-to-Read English Bibles in Nigeria. WBTC’s Roger Massey. “The resources are trickling in. I believe that the resources that are coming in mean a lot more to those people receiving them than we can really ever realize. People were so eager, so hungry to get their hands on these Bibles. These were distributed to church leaders. They, in turn, will distribute them to their congregations who could never afford a Bible.” Massey says with so many now with a Bible, the next phase of their growth is crucial. “Pray for the people who are receiving these Bibles, and who are understanding, in a new light, the message of God. Pray for that the people will understand it and tell what they’ve learned.”

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