Story number 1 for 26 Feb 2002

By February 26, 2002

(China)–Headlining today’s news, President Bush’s visit to China did little to stop persecution against Christians. However, persecution is doing little to stop the spread of the Gospel as thousands are turn to Christ every day. Back to the Bible broadcasts teaching programs into China through Trans World Radio. Program editor Angela Ng (ung). “The primary goal is to nurture and disciple these believers with a strong foundation of the word of God. And, Back to the Bible is one of the programs that is targeted toward the listeners to build this foundation in them so that different kinds of cultic teachings will not permeate into their midst and cause them to have a shakable foundation.” Persecution is a reality for Christians who listen to the program. Ministry Development Director Sebastian Chan explains why. “Can you imagine what they would do if the house church would rise up tomorrow and say, “We have ‘so many’ million Christians”? The Chinese government is very afraid of uncontrolled religion, uncontrolled groups because their future is at stake.”

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