Story number 1 for 26 Jan 2001

By January 26, 2001

Our newscast begins in the Ivory Coast where, following months of unrest, the prime minister has formed a new government. The new parliament in Ivory Coast has met for the first time since the disputed recent elections. The related riots forced the Evangelical Baptist Mission to evacuate the student body and staff at the International Christian Academy. EBM’s John Jackson says things have since stabilized. “Politically, it has calmed right down, but when there is turmoil, there is difficulties. All of the 250 children, or so, have merged on the campus again, missionaries have returned and school and ministries are in ‘full blow’ again.” Jackson adds that as far as their work is concerned: “Our team captain of our EBM team at ICA says: “…absolutely no opposition or threat to our ministry, nor to our travelling in Cote d’Ivoire; everything seems to be back to normal, but that doesn’t guarantee tomorrow.””

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