Story number 1 for 26 Mar 2003

By March 26, 2003

(Iraq)–Headlining today’s news relief organizations are in Jordan ready for the influx of Iraqi war victims, but it’s not happening. Jacob Kramer with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is in Jordan. He says there’s a reason the camps are largely empty. “Most of it, I suppose, is that they reacted too late to get out and now the Iraqi divisions are holding the roads there to the north and to the west and are sending the people back.” Kramer says thousand will flood the region after the war because of the collapsed economy. That will give churches a chance to minister. Meanwhile, Iraqi believers are asking Christians to pray for post war rebuilding. “They are very much afraid that they will lose all the freedom that they have had. One said to me, he said, ‘how many churches are in Saudi Arabia? If that group, which is the great friend of the coalition, if they’re approached, what will be left of us as churches.'”

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