Story number 1 for 26 Oct 2001

By October 26, 2001

(Afghanistan)–Topping the news, the Pentagon says it has information that indicates the Taliban may intend to poison Afghan civilians and blame America. Security measures are being taken to guard the humanitarian aid coming from overseas. We spoke to World Vision’s Al Dwyer in Islamabad. “The idea that somebody would poison humanitarian assistance is really unconscionable to us, especially World Vision. We’re all shocked by this because, I don’t think there’s any precedent in the past. The food is warehoused. We do have security around it, we do watch it and supervise it until it gets to the beneficiaries.” Dwyer says they are especially careful about their testimony, because sharing more than that could close doors to them. “The mission statement is to provide emergency relief and support to those in need, primarily to the children. Our activities are geared towards supporting children and that also means supporting their parents and families as well. I think that it’s through the act that we display our values and our faith.”

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