Story number 1 for 28 Feb 2001

By February 28, 2001

(India)–India tops our news today. It’s been a month since a deadly earthquake took the lives of thousands and left thousands more injured and homeless. However ministry in the state of Gujarat continues unabated. Operation Mobilization is distributing food and medicine. O-M’s Henry Janowski says many Gujarati victims are asking questions. “People ask, why would you come from America to this situation? And then you can say, because of the love of Jesus Christ. That does open the door for us to proclaim that Jesus is the son of God and that he does care for people. If you meet physical needs of people, people want to know why you’re doing that.” Janowski says this isn’t the time for Christians in the west to forget about the Indian victims. “This is not a problem that’s going to go away overnight. There’s too many people impacted. There are too many homes that are destroyed and it will be a long term process to help bring some stability back to their life in that part of the world. And, if we do that in the name of Jesus, praise God.”

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