Story number 1 for 28 Jul 2003

By July 28, 2003

(Canada)–Canada headlines today’s news as Christians are being asked to pray as the country’s parliament is now in summer recess. At issue is proposed legislation that would consider the Bible ‘hate literature’ because of its stand on homosexuality. International Bible Society’s Stan Kellner. “As individual groups and nations turn away from the word of God as their mooring in life, unfortunately these are some of the very typical things that happen. Now what we have are groups who are saying, ‘hey, because the Bible has these particular verses, we can call that hate literature.'” Kellner says the legislation will be considered in the fall. He says now is the time to pray. “You know, as we look in the book of Daniel we’re reminded about how God says that I can raise up kings and I can bring them down. Yes, legislation can be a challenge to all of us, but we’ve seen even here in our United States that, while it doesn’t always happen, when groups come together to pray, impact can be made.”

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