Story number 1 for 28 May 2001

By May 28, 2001

(Tanzania)–Topping the news, as the death rate among primary and secondary school teachers skyrockets in Tanzania, a mission agency is doing its part to educate the country’s youth. Sam Vinton is with Grace Ministries International. Vinton says they’ve started new schools to meet the need. “High school education is very, very minimal and to get into schools, students often have to go 300-400 miles away. So, we began one high school and then from there it began multiplying to where we have five or six. Several of them were turned over to us by the government.” According to Vinton, these schools are needed to see evangelism flourish. “We just came to the conclusion that we would never have a strong church without trained leadership. Like, we don’t even have anyone right now, who we could send away to say University or send them to a Bible college to get a hire education. So, we just finally came to the conclusion that this was something that was desperately needed.” The dedication of the newest school is expected to be attended by the country’s president Benjamin Mkapa (mmm-KAHP-ah)

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