Story number 1 for 29 Jul 2003

By July 29, 2003

(Pakistan)–Topping the news, Pakistani authorities are holding an Islamic militant leader suspected of masterminding two attacks on Christians last year. The news comes close to the one-year anniversary of the brutal attacks on the Murree Christian School and the missionary hospital. InterServe’s Joanna Smith says for security reasons, their staff moved the school out of the area. “They were just concerned that there was a pattern of terrorist attacks against Christians and Westereners in the area, therefore they decided for the safety, that they would relocate the school to another area.” However, the testimony of the surviving student body speaks volumes to the communities touched by the tragedies. Smith says as the August 5th anniversary approaches, “People should pray that these students who made their testimonies will continue in their faith, and also, pray for the success of the school in their new location.” The boarding school, since relocated to Thailand, provides a Christian education to about 120 students.

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