Story number 1 for 3 Jul 2003

By July 3, 2003

(Iraq)–Iraq headlines today’s news as 26 U-S soldiers have been killed since President Bush declared major combat over in May. However, the violence is stopping evangelistic work in the country. Voice of the Martyrs’ Gary Lane says evangelicals are asking for assistance. “They told me that now is the time for Christians in America to support them. They expect in two years that they will have a government elected. It will probably be either Shiite or Sunni or some combination or some Muslim government. And, they expect that things will be clamping down on them again. But, right now, they’re free.” Lane says Iraqi Christians are successful in evangelism. He says your gift for “Action Packs” could help further. “We ask people to send us $5 and we’ll send them a large vacuum-sealed bag. And, in it you can put items like shirts, socks, underwear. We launched the program about a week ago in Iraq. With each action pack we’ll hand out Gospel literature.”

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